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fan earrings - dainty lilac floral

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fan earrings - dainty lilac floral

New design alert! This beautiful fan earring is handmade from several components that have been carefully layered together... a bezel is placed on a brass shape and I inserted a headpin that is later formed into an earring hook with metal forming tools. The entire composition is secure by both wire and glue so nothing is going to just fall off... it's a pretty clever design.
It's an intentional mixture of different colored metals - patina'd brass with shiny gold... just a bit of a twist on conventional jewellery.

last step is to add the pretty handmade glass stone made from pretty Japanese paper. How dainty and sweet are these pale lilac blossoms.

The earwire is gold plated brass and hand shaped with forming tools.

The photo on the model and the last photo is not this pair but meant to show the scale and design.