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Our story

Hello. A little bit about me. I'm Jo.

Jaded Seas Jewellery is designed and made by me in my home studio by the sea in the sunny coastal town of Mount Maunganui. My handmade jewellery can be described as a little bit boho, a twist of vintage and a whole lot of unique. I love vintage florals and the idea of making something new and modern from something from our past. I use some beautiful screen printed papers, my own illustrations, vintage stones, spraypaint, gemstones, druzy and crystals and have ideas and experiments brewing daily. I handcraft some of my own glass domes and hand make chain tassels. Recently I've been incorporating druzy and gemstones. My current goals are to learn more about wax carving and casting in sterling silver, and a gold plating machine is on my wish list... "Join our mailing list to stay in the loop."
What's the story behind the name? One day when I was strolling down the street in Vancouver in my early 20's it just popped in my head. I scrawled the name on piece of pottery I made while doing my fine arts degree at UBC in Canada and thought, I'm going to use that as a business name one day. "Jaded" not so much in the literal sense, but to me it was a word for messy sea sick surf - like a combination of the wind ruffled surface on the deep jade green color ocean. Creating is what I do when the ocean isn't providing beautiful waves for surfing. Fast forward 15 years and here I am making cool stuff... so that I can live a fun flexible life by the sea. Rinse, lather, surf, create, repeat. I sell to gift stores and fashion boutiques throughout New Zealand and do a few markets a year as I love meeting my customers. I'm mostly in love with the whole process of running my own small business...I don't call it work anymore because I love what I do - it's my lifestyle. Though pricing my worth is always the hardest... as there are always so many hours of extra admin and marketing that don't get tacked onto the retail price of my goods... I love a day of photographing in the morning sun, curating pretty photos for instagram and styling jewellery. I love a day with umpteen cups of coffee while I upload new colors of teardrop gemstone earrings onto my website. I struggle with organization and clarity, my inventory and stock is a hot mess... but somehow I know where most things are placed in my closet sized studio. The next day I'm out of office for a mountain bike or a surf followed my late nights just because I'm inspired. I'm learning things everyday, I don't stress and I drop everything in the afternoons to go play mommy. Thanks for reading and supporting my love of creating.

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