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vintage carved floral with tassel - black

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vintage carved floral with tassel  - black

This stunning accessory features a large 40 x 30 vintage style carved look cameo that has been set into a double sided connector cabochon. Below hangs one of my beautiful hand made chain tassels. I intricately make each tassel from hand cut chain meticulously set into the brass bead cap. They are oh so much work, but so worth the effort. So eye catching!

This pretty black carved floral cabochon has been spritzed with a splash of gold paint to make it shimmer oh so pretty!

The chain is brass electroplated and faceted to create a nice sparkle and shimmer. And is really really strong!
It is long, approx 74-75cm for that on trend length but custom length necklaces can be requested.

Fashion jewellery designed and made in NZ from handmade and imported components. Thanks for shopping small business!