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teardrop earrings - pale pink vintage stone

$44.00 - $49.00
teardrop earrings - pale pink vintage stone

These lovely teardrop shapes are the most popular in my range. They are made of brass that has been darkened to an antique finish. They hang from sterling silver ear hooks that I have patina'd to match the brass metal.

The teardrop is 18mm x 13mm and is a sourced vintage deadstock stone.
They have an amazing high domed profile (see 2nd pic).
I have set these sourced vintage stones into a handmade brass teardrop base which has undergone some love - I've soldered on the loop which has been handcut, it is then pickled, tumbled to a polish and then dipped in liver of sulpher to patina / darken.

The last picture on the model is for size reference only as it does display this pair of earrings.