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Spirited women's sterling silver blue vein agate ring II

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Spirited women's sterling silver blue vein agate ring II

Exclusive designs for the competitor's in the annual Spirited Women's Adventure Race. I chose this blue vein agate gemstone to add to this collection because of the beautiful layer and depth of color in this stone. And it reminds me of an arial photograph.

Enjoy a momento from your Acheviements on your big day out that you will cherish for year's to come. Last year's south island was amazing! My team and I crossed the finish line in just under 14 hours this year and had such an amazing experience We can't wait to do it again in a few weeks!

Hand crafted by me from sterling silver in my Mount Maunganui seaside studio. I am so pleased to be working with the Spirited Women's adventure race to create the winner's prize's for the fourth year in a row!

This statement ring has a brass (18mm x 25mm) That encloses a blue vein agate gemstone. You will not receive this exact ring but one that is very similar with a very unique stone. It sits portrait orientation on your finger.

The band is made from overlapped (and adjustable) sterling silver. (the last photo does not show this ring - but is meant to display how the band is overlapping and adjustable)