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hexagon gemstone drops - dalmation stone

hexagon gemstone drops - dalmation stone

Sweet and delicate gemstone drop earrings in classical neutral colorway - dalmation stone. Dalmatian stone is also called Dalmatian jasper, though it isn't a jasper at all. This gemstone, found in Mexico, is an igneous microcrystalline quartz with a mixture of other minerals creating the speckled look. Playful due to it's resemblance to the speckled pups of the same name its a reminder to lightheartedly enjoy the simple things in life. Dalmatian stone is said to promote devotion among humankind and the black spots are believed to suck up negative or chaotic energy to encourage a good night's sleep.

I've taken a tiny hexagon cut gemstone that has been gold plated at the top and hung them from delicate but long dangling earwires. Elegant enough for evening wear - but totally rockable for daily wear as well as well.

The hooks are a good quality 18k gold plating over brass.
The gemstones measure approx 8mm in diameter.

The last photo on the ear is not the same gemstone, but intending to show the scale and size.
Assembled by me in NZ from carefully selected imported components.