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geode slice tassel pendant

geode slice tassel pendant

This stunning statement necklace features a slice of agate that shows the beautiful translucent facets through the layer of the gemstone. Similar to a geode you it's been polished smooth on both sides do it doesn't have any rough or raw edges like my other druzy * pendant but you can see the shimmering layers of the crystal throughout the stone. I've paired this gold plated agate with an intricately handmade chain tassel made from beautiful shimmering white faceted ball chain - so boho and chic.
It's a piece you'll get so much wear and compliments from.

The pendant is on a long chain - Approx 72cm but requests for specific lengths can be made.

The long chain is perfect for layering with other necklaces for a stylish layered look. My fashion jewellery is made by me in my New Zealand seaside studio from a mix of high quality imported stones and findings with some element or handmade component. I am always striving to mix and match the unusual until I've created a unique standout piece. All designs are limited edition and not mass produced. Small batch, small scale!

*also spelled drusy