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Fabric wrapped Hoop earrings - green floral

Fabric wrapped Hoop earrings  - green floral

Beautiful fabric wrapped hoop earrings.

These fashion forward hoop earrings make a big statement - but are light and sweet to wear. A perfect affordable gift for the fashionista in your life.

A stainless steel rose gold plated hoop earring has been wrapped in scraps bound for landfill! I love finding a way to upcycle even the smallest scraps of fabric into something pretty. I carefully twist the raw silk edge under as I wrap around these large hoops (it's a slow process) but makes a nice clean edge without a tone of frayed fabric edges... so they have a very polished look. Then I carefully tie the sweetest bow at the top. Unique, limited edition - upcycled fashion accessories... handmade in my studio by the sea. Bold vibrant kelly green with a bit of mint!

Watch out for new colors coming in prints from your favorite designers!

material - rose gold plated over stainless steel.
silk fabric.
Hoop measures 47mm in diameter.

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