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amazonite columns long multi-strand necklace

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amazonite columns long multi-strand necklace

This long multi-strand statement necklace features two amazonite columns gemstones linking the assemblage together. Amazonite hollars boho style - isn't this the color when the sand and sea mix at your toes?

The amazonite gemstone's are stunning. Pale aqua blue. Slightly translucent.
Only one currently available.

The entire design slips over you head and you can wear the gemstones so they sit asymmetrical off to one side, or let them slip down and make a pointed V at the bottom.

Both ways are stylish and chic. This could look super amazing with a single strand of chain too..if a bit more minimal and streamlined is your style, then get in touch and I'll see what I can do.
I love custom requests.

This necklace measures 88cm long. This design isn't quite as easily altered but if you really need it drastically longer or shorter it can be done.