night blooming jasmine - 5 link necklace


This eyecatching necklace features vintage cabochons that have been arranged and linked in their brass scalloped edge bezels to fall elegantly across your neckline. The bezels are linked together in slightly crooked / asymetrical way for a bit of added quirk!
The vintage cabochons decrease in size from a large focal 40 x 30 mm floral cabochon, next a 18 x 25mm cabochon, followed by an 18 x 13 mm cabochon on each side.

From left to right, I used an 18 x 13 mm high domed olive green cabochon, followed by a flat top ultramarine blue acrylic cabochon, the focal decal 40 x 30 mm blue jasmine floral on black, a carved floral glass cabochon, and a small grey silver mirrored cabochon.

43cm of chain links the necklace links the necklace closed for a total necklace length of 52cm.

I also think the necklace looks pretty cool at a longer length, so I have the option of an extra 25cm of chain that attaches to each side with a magnetic clasp. This addition is optional to extend the styling possibilities of the piece, and although the magnetic clasp is strong it may still be prone to coming undone, especially with a lot of movement carrying kids, dancing... etc. But for a night out for dinner would be fine)

If you just want one length it will close with a strong lobster clasp.

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